Thursday, March 31, 2011

Baby LOLs

Hello world will start doing a bi-monthly release. This post is dedicated  to my sister Christy that is 3 months pregnant. and she is scared and excited. And about every other emotion some feels when they go through that. I'm certainly glad I'm not a female because I liken child birth to peeing out a coconut, or a watermelon if your baby is fat. I was a tiny baby I weighted like 5lb and came out a whole month early. Several doctors are surprised that I lived the birthing. anyways nuff said, you are not here for my life story but lols


  I love the last one 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Alternate Universes

I glad to see that my crappy blog has picked up views, 1200 views XD not a lot but it is definitely a start.
and I've received mostly positive feedback, thank you all. and this is the beginning of a better blog in the future. I have some design ideas for the site that I will be working on in the next couple of weeks. to better the user experience, and hopefully make me some god damn moneys.
I know you've all heard about the quake in Japan but unfortunately I have some bad news for the West Coast if the US, between nuclear fall out and possible quakes in that area. I'm certainly worried because Utah also has a large fault running a mile from my house. hope a chain reaction doesn't knock that one active

XD on a lighter note this month I present Alternate Universes that you might not wanna be in

Cookie Monster Is no longer addicted to Cookies, but is now addicted to Meth

Zombie Apocalypse in the Mushroom Kingdom

 Kira is now the host your kids favorite TV show Blues Clues
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