Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rainbows, HA HA WOOOOW what does it mean!!??

So there is pressing subject plaguing the news lately and its RAINBOWS, well actually its old news but, Its still funny... I'm not talking about gay rights here, although inequality is definitely "plaguing" our news. my stance on this is of course just f***ing legalize it already, I mean COME ON for realz. This man knows what I'm talking about
This gay rights activist know what I'm talking about. This guy well has his fair share to say about rainbows actually, and heres actual video footage of him discussing intel pertaining to well rainbows

This is a pressing issue it would appear that our nations leaders, have a thing for rainbows, don't believe me. ask Stalin. this is actual Stalin Propaganda from World War 2
To further understand this rainbow phenomena, we have to ask ourselves about how the creation of rainbows, a question brought to our attention, to idiot friends ICP, they say "f***ng rainbows how do they work" against popular belief that rainbows due to light separated and reflected off of water molecules. rainbows have their true origin, the souls of dead unicorns, that have turned into clouds,
as you will see here
And Here as a Cloud, and yes sadly a dead unicorn
OF course I barely scratched the surface of rainbows, cuz there are pictures out there that will put these ones to shame.
Comment let me know how I'm doing so far, my one goal is to one day make you lol your face off

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  1. hahahaha, bit too much in there, maybe split it up a bit next time. But good anyway :D keep it up.