Wednesday, May 29, 2013

GIF brought to you by JIF Peanutbutter

I'm might be coming back from the dead...
not that anyone would have known. I bet most of you were bored looking at your feed. I'm surprised you aren't on tumblr unless you jumped ship when yahoo bought it. despite the horribleness yahoo will bring I might join a community which I might create or make some money there. All they care about is p0rn and Sherlock. So if I do a rule 34 blog about sherlock I'd be rich if I did it like 2 years ago. I have no blight about trying to making money from fan girls and gay men that enjoy a very good TV show. If you are actually reading this go watch Sherlock. You are bored, and I gave you an idea go do that. If you've already seen it look at meh gifs not pronounce jif. because jif is peanutbutter, and the word graphic has no soft g.


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