Monday, June 27, 2011

More Alt. Universe esrevinU

So Hello again world, to everyone here that is still alive. anyways; if you wanted to read something funny. read a book I enjoyed as a kid the "Captain Underpants". or are books supposed to be underlined. Well one thing is for sure, if you're reading this you can tell I failed English class. and life in general. nah just english. nah both whatever I'm rolling deep into unprescribed dose of an prescription. which will kill me faster by taking one or two years off my life. Well the last two aren't that great anyways. Mr Reaper take those years away from me.

    The fate of one of the greatest adventures in the world. Unfortunately while he on the intoxicated by poison mushroom: A mushroom he took little too often. Mushroom Kingdom Bureau of Intoxicants and Fireballs say He crashed his kart in pipe and was ejected from the vehicle into a piranha plant; and his legs were eaten by piranha Plant during the 150cc Star Cup due to being under the influence of PM. the MKBIF is investigated both the other drivers and the Star Cup tracks for foul play and safety issues
Ring Ring... Bad news what did you this time Vader?...... What do you mean the death star was blown up by a couple of F-ing teenagers.....its floating down to Endor? Ok good my parachute idea wasn't useless..... Instead of a parachute they put BALLOONS!? Is this a JOKE... Order that the engineers to jump out of the death star with their freaking balloons
 Paid double if you work on the half destroyed death star