Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Come here and get LOLS

HI world welcome to I lol'd my face off, beta. Inspired by a very funny, very NFSW pic. that I won't post.. I wanna keep this site PG-13, so I don't have to label this a mature content site. but if this blog gains popularity, I will make another site, a verry verry very similar site, with that mature content that is very funny but not suitable for children,
Today I will show you what you can do, So Ninja can NOT catch you, I know what you're thinking if you run into a ninja you're pretty much p0wnd. but I, myself being ninja master. will present to you now the skills to NOT be caught by ninjas
Ninjas can't catch you if your power level is OVER 9000
note: you may need to be Goku for this
Ninjas can't catch you if you have an army of fire zombies at your command
Zombies very useful, because unlike the living they don't need a 401k plan or Insurance, or monetary payment. I have a contract with a pig farmer, so leftovers are payment for the zombies. He had a Ninja problem, so I took care of it for him. 
Ninjas can't catch you if you just surfed a Robo Dracula from the Moon
How do you think I got my fire zombies. YA, this guy.

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