Friday, April 29, 2011

4000 VIEWS, Presidential lolz

I kinda fell off the face of the planet for a bit, But I glad to see random people viewing it, averaging about 100 views a day now. and 4100-ish views last time I checked. But it literally made my day to see that my view count had double since I last checked it, even though its like 30 minutes into the day. but what ever.
And its May and its still kinda of cold here. Global Warming my ass Al Gore can't do anything right. So anyone else from Utah skiing is open till Memorial Day so I might go skiing and swimming in the same day.

So in other news Obama has officially released his Birth Certificate. And he is a US born citizen. WELL DUH. its one of the requirements to be president. You don't think the government doesn't do a background check on candidates. If it were a white guy no one would have even questioned it. The guy could be from the UK and no one would are if he were white. British accent and all. Oh he just spent an extended period time there. Ya birth to age 20. then he decided Hawaii was nice that time of year. No but Donald Trump had to get his panties in a bun and say oh this black can't be american, well looked at his middle name HUSSEIN. Obvious terrorist connections. Even though were still in their homeland blowing up their buildings. This is payback bitch, over 2000 dead here well lets get over 9000 there, and then steal their oil. teach you to mess with a america.

lol south park

But already I eated it