Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Drunken Fighting, tips and stuff

I highly recommend not get involved  In any conflicts while drunk; but if you are drunk, and someone is picking a fight. This is I what recommend doing, Try to resolve the situation calmly, use your words very carefully. because this may be the calm before the storm. Speak as clearly and comprehensible as possible, misunderstandings can and probably will often get you knocked in the face. Try apologizing even if you don't mean it. and keep a calm tone. If its gotten to the point where you can't resolve this peacefully with words
There is a couple things to remember
1. Never underestimate your opponent, they may be a drunken master
2. Assess Your Surroundings: If you know you are outmatched your environment is key, to either getting out alive, or possiblly turning the tides
3. Establish Dominance: if you do they may be might leave you alone because no one wants to get hurt, to do this grab a weapon of sorts, a beer bottle, or a chair, And be loud a boisterous. Act crazy if it looks like you are going to be the only one to get alive. Then you have control of the situation
4. Them being drunk may be to your advantage. being drunk makes them clumsy. Go for the legs, make them fall to the ground you have instant control of the situation
That is my advice, comment let me know you think it will help, or if it plan stupid and will get your ass handed to you on a silver platter

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