Monday, October 25, 2010

Its that TIME time

Breaking News... stuff you will find the say to your friends Have you seen this!? Have YOU heard about this!?
Pandas cute, lovable, and sneezing.... EXPLODING

Ya really really stupid, I know I know I know, I chuckled a little... Back to serious business noaw, But still cute and cuddly pandas, I laugh everytime I see this Its a hilarious bunch of commercials for Panda cheese in which a very quarrelsome yet totally silent panda bear demonstrates what will happen to you if you don’t eat Panda cheese.
You Mad bro, cuz if didn't know better I'd say you're mad.
Comments, Questions, or just plain Obscenities will do,  but rly follow meh. for every follow I save one panda, or I just mean i won't kill one jk jk  and ONE more thing video unrelated, 
Danger looms in your future; What you listen to cookies. Never mock the cookie


  1. nice.

    btw, for future reference, dont post ur blog on my or anyone's comments section. if i want to look at you blog, (when you comment i will want to) i'll click on your profile name and get to it from there.


  2. that's cute..i like your new blog

  3. hahahahahah never seen the panda commercials. fucking classics.